Dear friends, welcome to Mac Capital Properties

We have been operating on the real estate market of Romania since 2005. Since then we have earned the reputation of a serious and reliable partner. Just judge for yourself:



- we have built 250 houses together with our partners in Corbeanca by 2020;

- 7 ten-flats houses (total of 70 flats) have been built in the northern part of Bucharest by our Group;

- and most important of all, more than 1000 residents live on our premises. Practically each of them could say a few words of gratitude, because we managed to organise their living space in the best possible way.

We are proud of our superb reputation earned through hard work aimed at satisfying our clients’ need and requirements.

How do we, the “Mac Capital” team, work?

1. First, we choose the construction site with great care. We buy a few small patches of land at reasonable prices and combine them with into one project to build private cottages.

2. Then, we try to put ourselves in the place of our clients -- what infrastructure are they going to need (gas, electricity, water and sewerage). To develop and design we hire quite a number of architects, designers, stage brainstormings and generally put a lot of energy and resources into the stage

3. On all stages of construction we employ the most advanced technologies. Experienced engineers supervise the process and put their signatures on the protocols of construction. On this stage quality is more important than profit for us.
4. We asphalt the roads, install night lighting and surveillance cameras.We also plant many trees which are watered automatically. We try to minimize maintenance payments in our settlements as compared to our competitors. In a word, we take care of our clients as if we take care of ourselves.

5. The final stage is selling the houses. Among our successful projects are the following:

«Corbeanca Light»: luxury villas on the lakeside (project completed);

«My Corbeanca»: the project is under construction to provide middle - class residents with comfortable cottages in a picturesque area 17 km from Bucharest.

Why should you choose our settlement?

We sell the houses at prices lower than you could possibly pay building yourselves. There are several reasons for that:

- wholesale prices for patches of land;
- mass cottage construction with numerous discounts;
- minimal administrative expenses with maximum efficiency;
- optimal leverage (own capital + cheap credit).

We are for fair play in business! We plan to stay long on the development market. That is why our reputation is so important to us.
To sum up, we have learned to deliver more than to expect.

If you want to become our client or partner for more details please get in touch with us right now.

Best regards,
Marzac Alexandru
“Mac Capital Properties”



Modern, beautifully designed one-story houses made of high quality materials, with all city communications.

Corbeanca Light

Corbeanca Light near the lake – real value of your house is determined not only with design... but also primarily by the location...

2012 - 2015
Natural Residence Corbeanca

Natural Residence Corbeanca brings a breath of Greece to the suburbs of Bucharest...

2007 - 2009


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